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I Read These 7 Books & They Changed My Life!

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I Read These 7 Books & They Changed My Life!

Date: 2020-08-12 14:31:42

The Secrets to how to Become Rich is in books! Here are 7 books that will help you build your wealth, they definitely changed my life. They teach passive income, business and mindset, there is a mixture of self-help and personal finance and they are all books you need to read.

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The first book is The magic of thinking big! By Dr David Schwartz. This book helped me open up my mind and think much bigger, act bigger and live a bigger life! You know when we stop ourselves from doing things because we feel we aren’t good enough, maybe we feel we don’t have the intelligence, the willpower or even the good looks. This book gives some really great strategies to overcome this.

One book that has been really impactful in my life is this one: How to win friends and influence people by dale Carnegie. There are always times in your life that you need to make a good impression for example in a job interview or with your new girlfriends dad.

I wanted to include a book by Robert Kiosaki on this list, you may have already heard about his most famous one, Rich Dad poor dad. But you may not have heard about his other book: The Cashflow Quadrant. Which I personally prefer. The basic idea behind the book is about the different ways you are able to earn money and create long term wealth. For example you have: Working for someone else, being self employed, owning a business and being an investor.

This book really put into words what I had been thinking for over 20 years, it’s called: Start With Why by Simon Sinek. In order to get that promotion , get your dream job , start your own business or get the partner of your dreams you need to have great leadership skills.

This may be a small one but its extremely powerful, its called The little book of common sense investing. In this little book lays a very simple strategy that any one can use and consistently grow your money with the stock market. This book is written by John C. Bogle the founder of Vangard index funds which is the investment website I am continually going on about in many of my videos

I recommend everyone in their life reads a negotiation book the sooner the better, my favourite is Never Split the difference by Chris Voss. Chris is a former FBI negotiator who in every chapter reveals stories of how is has been able to talk down and defuse a hostage situation. Every time you go in to your boss and ask for a pay rise, every time you ask your parents to go out partying, buying a new car, Its all about being able to negotiate in a way that doesn’t rely on you compromising or splitting the difference.

This one was the first physical audio book that I purchased, its called Disrupt Yourself by Jay Samit. This book will get you into the mind set you will need to navigate the rapidly changing world. Its all about not wasting all your energies fighting change when you could be embracing disruption to the norm and making great strides into the future, creating lasting wealth!

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