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Millionaire Invested $100 & Made $_____ (How to Invest For Beginners – Episode 2)

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Millionaire Invested $100 & Made $_____ (How to Invest For Beginners – Episode 2)

Date: 2020-12-24 21:16:15

Today I give Tom an investing for beginners with $100 guide. I discuss with him how to start investing in the stock market with Vanguard Index funds, individual stocks, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) and Gold. I then give him some cash to invest for himself using my investing 101 tips!
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Beginner Investor Idea #1: The first investment is a high interest savings account. This is a 1 out of 10 on the risk scale so the lowest possible risk you can have. Some banks that are worth looking and consistently have a good interest rate are: Alli Bank, Marcus by Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

Beginner Investor Idea #2: Now for Gold often referred to as a safe haven. I’ll give this a 2 out of 10 on the risk scale. There are 2 different ways to invest in gold, the first way would be to actually buy physical gold. The alternative is to invest in gold within a broker app like robinhood in the USA or trading 212, then you are able to buy gold at it’s true value and have the option to sell much quicker.

Beginner Investor Idea #3: Why don’t you try investing in simple low cost Vanguard index fund. I’ll give this a 3 out of 10 on the risk scale. For the purpose of this video I am going to be investing $100 into an s&p 500 index fund. Which over the last 20 years has an average yearly return of 7%. My favourite brokers to use are fidelity, Charles swab and vanguard.

Beginner Investor Idea #4: The fourth way to invest is in a Real Estate Investment Trust otherwise known as a REIT and it’s a great way to make some passive income. I’ll also give this a 3 out of 10 on the risk scale. I love this type of investment as it’s an easy way for someone with hardly any expertise to compete with the expert real estate investors. If you are in the USA by investing in VGSLX by vanguard you can average a 12% return which beats the average real estate investor. How awesome is that!

Beginner Investor Idea #5: The next option is investing in a business that buys and sells items. The risk on this really depends on how good you are at finding great deals but I’ll give this a 4 out of 10 on the risk scale. The good thing about doing this is that you can buy and sell something you are interested in and have knowledge about, which can lead to bigger possible returns.

Beginner Investor Idea #6: Now we are starting to get serious, it’s time for individual stocks. There is a certain amount of risk that comes with investing in individual stocks, but if you pick your companies well then it can be very exciting as there is the potential to make a lot of money.

Beginner Investor Idea #7: So now we are going to be moving into the realm of gambling and speculation rather than investing, number 7 is Cryptocurrency. There are 3 main types of crypto these are Ethereum, Ripple and obviously the big one Bitcoin! But let’s just focus on bitcoin today, if you want to learn more about the other types of coins you can read something called a whitepaper and it will give you all the details. The cool thing about bitcoin is that it uses something called blockchain and isn’t regulated by the government.

Beginner Investors should STAY AWAY from: The Lotto! 57% of the all Americans buy at least one lotto ticket per year. The chance of actually winning is 1 in 14 million which might sound quite possible but let me put that into perspective… You are 4,000 times more likely to win an Oscar than win the lotto!

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