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The 10 BEST Stocks to Buy in Your 20s (DON’T MISS THESE)

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The 10 BEST Stocks to Buy in Your 20s (DON’T MISS THESE)

Date: 2021-10-28 19:11:08

Today, I’m going to be sharing 10 of my favourite individual stocks! By investing in these during your 20s, you should be well ahead of the crowd!- Enjoy!
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Stock 1: Amazon (AMZM)

Amazon started off as a small online bookshop but over the last decade has grown by over 1,588%, making its shareholders very wealthy in the process!

Amazon actually delivered a record performance in 2020 with its annual revenue up 38% to 386 billion dollars, which was a yearly increase of over $100 billion.

Stock 2: Coinbase (COIN)

If you think the future will involve crypto currencies like I do then this is a stock to really watch!

They actually generated over $1 billion in revenue in 2020, which was a 136 percent increase on 2019. I don’t think this will slow down any time soon as a partnership with Facebook and their new NFT platform is currently on the horizon!

Stock 3: Tesla (TSLA)

A lot of people will tell you that Tesla is heavily overvalued and has seen most of its growth, however in my opinion I think we are just getting started.

Tesla is just so much more than an electric car company, as it’s got so many potential revenue streams.

Recently Hertz, the car rental company announced they were buying one hundred thousand Tesla model 3’s and the more interesting thing was they weren’t paying a discounted rate.

Stock 4: Affirm (AFRM)

Affirm is disrupting the credit card industry and has huge potential for explosive growth.

I find this stock very appealing as late August, Affirm announced that **Amazon** would integrate Affirm’s Buy now pay later services into its marketplace and enable its shoppers to split purchases of $50 or more into monthly payments.

Stock 5: Enphase (ENPH)

The move to renewable energy is inevitable, so I think it’s really important to have this in my stock portfolio.

Enphase Stock Surged 554 percent in 2020, and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2021.

And the best part… They’re profitable with a gross margin of 39% and some fantastic recent earnings!

Stock 6: Corsair (CRSR)

If you like video games, which I’m sure a lot of you will, then Corsair is a great stock to watch.

Their revenue for 2020 sat at 1.7 Billion with a net profit of 103 Million. They’re extremely profitable and there is no reason this stock should be this low.

Stock 7: Facebook (FB)

Facebook’s stock price has been climbing for years and at the moment the stock has actually taken a pretty big dip, so I have been buying even more, as I do believe in Facebook long term.

I’ve met hundreds of business owners that rely on social media advertising to get customers, and in 2020 these adverts brought in a whopping 84 Billion dollars of revenue!

Stock 8: Adobe (ADBE)

Adobe are just dominating the space when it comes to creative software and tools. Plus, about 97% of its revenue is generated from subscriptions, which keeps income stable and makes forecasting future growth a bit easier.

Stock 9: Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft Stock has been a great moneymaker in 2021, achieving returns of over 43%.

Microsoft actually had its best year yet during 2021 and has delivered $168 billion in revenue, so far. Already smashing the 143 Billion dollars from 2020.

Stock 10: Disney (DIS)

Disney are dominating the golden era of entertainment, and I can’t see them slowing down any time soon!

Their latest addition is Disney+, a subscription-based video streaming platform showcasing only films/series that they own, so they don’t have to pay any licensing fees and are able to reach their customers directly. Disney+ is actually projected to make over $10BILLION in 2021!

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